Sunday, 28 October 2007


Is it wrong for Christians to enjoy or to benefit from Lottery money or a project, a cause or a building that has been funded by Lottery money?
If so, is it possible to avoid it completely? Like the old Sabbath argument if you take it to the extreme; you switch on a light on the Sabbath and you’re responsible for requiring Power Station workers to work.
What you're saying is that you're not prepared to accept money from anyone who has made it through gambling or by 'dubious' means? Therefore, the issue is not really gambling or 'dubious' means, rather it's a judgement of the character of the person. And it gets more complicated, for then you're refusing to co-operate with anyone who has benefited from gambling or has received lottery funding. Where do you draw the line?

Dr Billy Graham was once asked a similar question. His answer was that since God owns everything, then it's not for us to judge which channel he chooses to use to bless – or fund – us financially. Is this the Mother of all cop-outs or is he on to something?


Andrew Kenny said...

William Booth the great evangelist, social activist and founder of the Salvation Army often to tried to get funds from Drink and gambling companies for his great social work. Some puritanical friends would condemn for doing this. His response was full of wit and wisdom like his Master's before him. He replied: ‘I will wash the money in the tears of the orphans and widows’.I think he was right.

Steve Huff said...

I wish someone could tell me where that quote from Billy Graham can be found so I can reference it. Thanks.

Ken said...

Deuteronomy 23:18

You must not bring the earnings of a female prostitute or of a male prostitute into the house of the LORD your God to pay any vow, because the LORD your God detests them both.

robert_martin said...

This is a very judgemental blog written by a very judgemental person. THis blog judges those Christians who choose peaceful and lawful boycott activities in relation to the proceeds of gambling and drink. Such Christians are not necessarily judging others; they are concerned with family breakdown and poverty arising from certain aspects of drink and gambling company activity which is socially irresponsible. Judgement is a state of one's mind and spirit and the writer of this blog is being very assuming. William Wilberforce and London evangelicals refused to have anything to do with the proceeds of slavery. Desmond Tutu supported the South African boycotts which brought attention to apharteid. There is no simple or conclusive answer to the complex issue of dealing with social justice. THis is a flimsy blog written by someone with a log in his own eye!